Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring cleaning!!

Spring is coming! Its time to nurture new buds, work in some compost and invest in new growth. And so, to help our Takoma Ensemble garden grow, we've begun our Spring Fundraising Campaign and can now receive online donations through Fractured Atlas, our fiscal agent. If you'd like to see us flourish and bloom, please visit us at

All donations are tax-deductible. Any amount is incredibly appreciated. We promise to take care and work hard to create a really beautiful oral garden.

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Concert at the Waterfront is coming up in April

We're thrilled to be playing our next concert at the Westminster Presbyterian Church by the Waterfront.  Join us please for a concert of music by some really fabulous American composers who draw from classical, folk and jazz influences to come up with music uniquely fun and toe-tapping.
     Appalachia Waltz             Mark O'Connor

     String Transparencies      Charlie Barnett

     Remembrance                 Alex Shapiro (she's the LIVING CHICK we promised!)

     Signs of Life II                 Russell Peck

The Westminster Presbyterian Church is renowned for its Friday Night Jazz and Blue Monday Blues series'.  These concerts enjoy a large and enthusiastic following and represent the best of live music experiences.  Come and help us kick start what we hope will become a new local tradition as we bring our own brand of jazz, blues and classical from Takoma Park to the Waterfront. 

April 27 at 2 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church
400 1 Street SW

Washington DC 20024

We'll be taking online reservations just as soon as we can set things up.

If you want to see more concerts like this, or support us just because, PLEASE DO by following this link to our online donation page !